Crown & Bridge: Which Is Ideal For Your Smile?

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  • Face each day with a renewed sense of confidence
  • Get back up to 3 missing teeth in a row
  • Speak clearly
  • Eat all the foods you enjoy
  • Boost your smile power!
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With incredible efficiency and beautiful esthetics, all of your 32 natural teeth are designed to help you chew and smile with incredible efficiency and confidence. At Regal Oaks Dental, we’re thrilled that crowns and bridges were invented so that we can fully restore damaged and missing teeth to their maximum beauty and performance.

Our natural smile – including all of its 32 teeth – was designed to allow us to chew effortlessly and smile with pure confidence. As a dentist in Charlotte who regularly helps patients regain their beautiful, fully functional smiles, we’re so happy that crowns and bridges were created. These restorative treatments enable us to fix damaged and missing teeth so that you can show off your greatest asset.

At our practice, we often combine bridges and crowns to prevent damage, the kind that requires more extensive and costly repair techniques. For example, if a large filling deteriorates, it can lead to nerve damage. And that could also result in a fracture of the root.

How Crowns Work

Also known as a cap, crowns are available in various materials, including porcelain, gold, and stainless steel. They are tough and can last for several years if you take good care of them. That means brushing and flossing regularly and seeing us for professional cleanings.

How Bridges Work

A bridge is an oral appliance that eliminates gaps caused by tooth loss. It does this in tandem with crowns and artificial teeth. It extends across the opening in your mouth and is held in place by natural, remaining teeth located on either side or implants. Once in place, it’s there for good!

What Happens If You Don’t Fill In That Gap?

If you are missing one or more teeth, the last thing you should do is let it be. Here are a few consequences of ignoring tooth loss:

  • teeth can shift, resulting in more unwanted spaces
  • a sunken, more aged appearance
  • jawbone loss.

As you can tell, there are many reasons why you should consider crown and bridge treatment if you’ve experienced tooth loss. Call today for a no-obligation consultation with our team! After a thorough examination, we’ll let you know if it’s right for you.