Dental Implants: The Top Restorative Option To Regain Your Confidence

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  • Just as strong as natural teeth
  • Eat the foods you enjoyed before tooth loss
  • A long-term smile solution
  • Brush and floss without difficulty
  • Seize every smile opportunity!
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Wouldn’t you like to speak or bite into an apple knowing your dental implants won’t slip?

What about flashing a smile … naturally … whenever it strikes you? How about ending your day with an easy brush-and-floss routine without removing dentures?

Ready to smile wide with total confidence? Want to be sure that you won’t encounter difficulty when you bite into something hard or sticky?

If the answer is a resounding “yes” to either of those questions, we’d like to tell you about dental implants, a restorative smile solution that permanently fills those unwanted gaps.

If you know someone who has experienced tooth loss, ask them what life has been like since. They’ll likely share the challenges and embarrassment they’ve faced. But if they’ve addressed that tooth loss with their dentist, you’ll also hear their stories of triumph and how much confidence they’ve gained. There’s no question they’ll tell you it was worth it.

A Bit About Dental Implants

Dental implants consist of an artificial tooth root made of titanium. This gets placed in your jaw and becomes as secure and robust as your natural teeth. An abutment is placed on top of this root so that a crown can be secured to it. This cap is what people see; therefore, it is color-matched to adjacent teeth. Most crowns are made of porcelain or porcelain fused to metal. After treatment is completed and your mouth has time to heal, the restoration will feel and function like any other tooth.

How Your Charlotte Dentist Provides Implants

The four main steps that are part of this procedure are as follows:

  1. Full mouth examination and x-rays to determine if you’re a suitable candidate.
  2. We place the implants.
  3. Time is necessary for the artificial root to stabilize, interrupting further bone loss and allowing the implant to reinforce the jawbone.
  4. A crown is attached to the implant, and you’re able to resume life as usual.

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