Bruxism Treatment Helps Put A Stop To Tooth Grinding

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Did you know that nine out of 10 people experiencing tooth grinding or clenching? Grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, is often brought on by stress and anxiety. There are some other causes, too.

Two Types Of Bruxism

There is the grinding that occurs while you’re awake and grinding that happens when you’re asleep. In the daytime, it’s a byproduct of frustration or deep concentration. At night, it’s something you do without even knowing it – and you can’t control it while unconscious.

No matter when it occurs, bruxism can cause severe damage to your teeth. How so, you might be wondering? It can destroy irreplaceable tooth enamel and weaken crowns and fillings. Teeth can also be affected, and you may experience jaw pain. All in all, it’s not pleasant or healthy for your smile.

Eight Telltale Signs Of Bruxism:

  • worn-down teeth
  • painful gums
  • stiff or sore jaw
  • loose, sensitive, or damaged teeth
  • popping noise from the jaw
  • headaches
  • cheek sores (inside your mouth)
  • tiredness due to lack of sleep

How Your Dentist In Charlotte Can Help

Treatment may not be necessary if you have mild bruxism. Occasional grinding due to the odd stressful situation isn’t out of the ordinary. But if you are repeating this bad habit, especially night after night, you should reach out for help from our expert team. We may recommend a custom-made nightguard to help you get a full night’s sleep and stop the grinding from happening. It serves as a barrier between teeth and alleviates the tension in jaw muscles. You can buy a nightguard at your local pharmacy, but it won’t provide the most comfortable fit available because it has been mass-produced.

You’ll find that professional nightguards are incredibly durable and will withstand the test of time.

Ready to speak to us about bruxism treatment? Call your dentist in Charlotte today to find out if a nightguard is the best choice. We’ll take a close look at your mouth for signs of damage and speak to you about any worries you may have. All of this will be done during a free, no-obligation consultation! So, call now and prevent unnecessary damage to your smile.