Dental Crown & Bridge in Charlotte: Transform Your Smile

At Regal Oaks Dental, we understand the importance of a confident and healthy smile. If you have damaged or missing teeth, our advanced dental crown & bridge in Charlotte can rejuvenate your oral aesthetics and functionality. With a team of experienced dentists and state-of-the-art technology, we deliver superior restorative treatments to ensure you can confidently showcase your smile once again.

We Are A Call Away To Help You Restore Your Smile!

  • Carry your beautiful smile and walk with a renewed sense of confidence
  • A solution for three missing teeth in a row
  • Speak clearly without any hesitation
  • Enjoy your favorite food
  • Enhance your beautiful smile
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With incredible efficiency and beautiful esthetics, all of your 32 natural teeth are designed to help you chew and smile with incredible efficiency and confidence. At Regal Oaks Dental, we’re thrilled that crowns and bridges were invented so that we can fully restore damaged and missing teeth to their maximum beauty and performance.

We understand that dental problems become sources of pain and discomfort for many individuals. Using modern dental solutions, we help people restore their teeth and oral health. Dental crowns and dental bridges Charlotte are modern dental solutions that people opt to resolve their dental issues. You're at the right place if you're seeking expert dental care.

We offer comprehensive dental service and have specialization in dental crowns and bridges. Our experienced team ensures to deliver reliable dental care for our patients.

Dental Crown Charlotte: Everything about It

A dental crown is a cap that protects the damaged tooth by improving its overall appearance. They help keep a dental bridge in place and safeguard the tooth from future problems.

Everything About Dental Bridge Charlotte

Dental bridges are prosthetic devices that help to replace one or more missing teeth. They are anchored to the dental implant or the neighboring natural teeth.

A dental bridge contains two or more dental crowns that can hold one or more false teeth in between.

Dental bridges restore your eating and speaking ability, preventing the neighboring teeth from shifting and being misaligned. It results in improving the appearance of your smile.

Benefits of Dental Crown & Bridge

Enhances your smile

Dental bridges are custom-made and are designed to match your natural teeth considering the shape, size, and color. Replacing missing teeth with dental bridges helps to enhance your smile.

Restores functioning

When missing teeth are replaced with the dental bridge, the function to eat and speak properly gets restored. You can comfortably eat and speak without any hesitation.

Prevents future dental issues

Dental bridge fills the gap of missing teeth. Thus, the chances of gum disease, tooth decay, or any dental problem get reduced and prevent future dental issues.

What Happens If You Don’t Fill In That Gap?

If you are missing one or more teeth, the last thing you should do is let it be. Here are a few consequences of ignoring tooth loss:

  • teeth can shift, resulting in more unwanted spaces
  • a sunken, more aged appearance
  • jawbone loss.

There are several reasons for considering dental crown and dental bridge treatment. Feel comfortable contacting us for consultation if you seek dental crown and bridge treatment in Charlotte.

With our highly trained professionals and technically upgraded equipment, we ensure quality dental care for our patients. Call us today for a consultation and know if dental crown or bridges Charlotte are the right choices for your teeth!