Sports Mouthguards Protect Teeth From Serious Damage

Act Now & Protect Your Smile With A Sports Mouthguard

  • Custom-made to your smile
  • Snug, comfortable fit
  • Maximum protection
  • Keep all your teeth
  • Be active without any fear!

Year after year, millions of people lose teeth due to sports injuries. It’s estimated that one out of four people will experience an oral mishap at some point in their lives. Any physical sport that could involve contact or an after-work activity – like cycling – where there is a risk of falling could damage the face, jaw, and teeth. What can you do to protect those pearly whites? Wear a custom-fitted sports mouthguard!

Why is it wise to wear a sports mouthguard?

Sports mouthguards save teeth and help you avoid jaw fractures, broken teeth, neck injuries, and cerebral hemorrhages. They may also lessen the chance of suffering a severe concussion. This protective device works because it moves your lower jawbone in a forward, downward position, resulting in separation between the top part of the jawbone and the lower portion of the brain. And if you’re someone who has braces, it will shift the soft tissue in the mouth away from teeth, which stops any tearing of cheeks and lips.

3 Types Of Sports Mouthguards You Can Get

  • Custom-fitted sports mouthguards. These are the best option because they are made from a mold, resulting in a perfect fit and exceptional comfort. And because of this, it won’t fly out of place should you get hit or take a fall. This is the ultimate in oral protection.
  • Stock mouthguards. They can be bought at a pharmacy, sports store, or other retail stores in your community. However, they can be uncomfortable and offer less protection because they aren’t custom-made to your unique smile.
  • Mouth-formed sports mouthguards. There are two kinds: one is made of an acrylic base that gets poured into trays. It then forms a lining and will set when inserted in your mouth. The other is thermoplastic, aka “boil-and-bite.” By placing the mouthguard in hot water, it softens and can be better formed to your teeth with your fingers, tongue, and biting down.

If you’re currently engaging in sports or other physical activity where a risk is present, we encourage you to get a sports mouthguard right away! Contact your Charlotte dentist today. We’ll hook you up with what you need.